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Awake Travel Case
Awake Travel Case
Awake Travel Case
Awake Travel Case
Awake Travel Case
Awake Travel Case
Awake Travel Case
Awake Travel Case
Awake Travel Case
Awake Travel Case

"More peace in my life"

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Make travel less trying with Awake's gentle chime sound. Protect your mindfulness timepiece with our form-fitted neoprene case

  • Heavy-duty zipper for easy, complete closure
  • Water-resistant neoprene repels liquid mishaps and condensation
  • 3mm thickness cushions your Awake clock from hard objects in your luggage
  • Bring along the streak-keeping calendar comes with your Awake Mindfulness Clock
  • Room for spare batteries
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    Anna H.
    United States United States
    What I was looking for!

    I've been joking with friends for a while now that the alarm clock world is ripe for disruption -- I've been looking for one for a couple years, and hadn't found anything that met my needs. So, I was excited to find the Awake clock, and after using it for a couple weeks am happy with the purchase. Things I appreciate: -No bright light (you can turn on an amber back light as needed) -Programmable snooze (this feature is surprisingly hard to find!) -Finally, getting my phone out of my room, and helping me to meditate first thing in the AM, my forever goal that I very often struggle to do! Set-up wasn't 100% intuitive, but the manual walks you through it and I had it up and running after a few minutes. Some reviews have said the chime sound is too loud, but it has been fine for me. There are a few other alarm clocks floating around (on Kickstarter, etc) that look to innovate on the standard clock and help you get your phone out of your room. But I found those had a few too many features and seemed to defeat the purpose for me: my goal is to get tech out of my room, especially for when I'm trying to get to sleep or immediately after I wake up. If you have a similar goal, then I recommend the Awake!

    Offgrid Mindfulness

    Thanks for taking the time to leave your detailed thoughts. Deciding what features to include and what not to include took some time, and every time someone suggested bluetooth connectivity I was like...I don't think this clock will be for this person. But I'm glad it's for you!

    Rupert H.
    United Kingdom United Kingdom
    Awake Mindfulness Clock

    Am really benefiting from the Mindfulness Awake timer. The warm-up function is really useful, the peaceful chime is great, both as a meditation timer and as an alarm clock bell, and the buttons and operation of the device are clear and straightforward to use. The only one, tiny ****** is that I'm noticing that the clock is gaining in time since I started using it two or three weeks ago - but it's not at all a major issue, and I know that that is what battery operated clocks tend to do anyhow. I am very happy to have a timer for my meditation that doesn't involve my having to go online!! Thank you!